The Crab of Wrath
Timothy the Lovely Duck. He has a liberal ideology.

Timothy the Lovely Duck. He has a liberal ideology.

Tiffany the Flumptopus (of Flumps fame). Commonly known as the “sea marshmallow”.

Tiffany the Flumptopus (of Flumps fame). Commonly known as the “sea marshmallow”.

How do I feel?

As though there is no point.
I am here on a dying planet.
One where its natural beauty is being destroyed and dimished.
I am expexted to work my entire life.
To work with fools, delivering to so many that don’t deserve it.
Being constantly undervalued and held back by the expectations of me.
Only able to gain value by either devoting my entire life to a job.
Ruining my social life because I have nobody to talk to who understands.
Constantly entering cycles of unhappiness.
Feeling desperate and hopeless.
Craving death, an endless sleep because I know the real World will always disappoint me.
Wishing there would come a time when I feel happy.
Where cynicism was a thing of the past.
The people around me were intelligent and kind-hearted.
Surrounded by beautiful and respected scenery.
Enjoying our own imagination and culture and not that prescribed by other people or, worse, businesses.
And businesses that had real value to them.
Not enormous, faceless organisations but ones where everyone had their name above the door.
With the necessary large infrastructure behind it all being publically owned and competantly run.
No false pretense of democracy but a belief and trust in those that know best.
The path to power being forged on knowledge not popularity or money.
With wealth being given to those who do the tasks that everyone else sees as beneath them.
But overall, a place where happiness and learning is valued above and before any materialistic gain.

This I cannot obtain in my lifetime or even hope to be acheived after my passing.
So I return you to the beginning…
There is no point.


#England #LandRover  (at Stanborough Park)

#England #LandRover (at Stanborough Park)

I wroted a poem.

Cue the lights, cue the lasers, Cue the drinks and horny ravers,
Queue for drinks, spend, Drink, queue for drinks, spend.
Money’s gone now home again, *This* night hasn’t reached an end.
Through the cupboards, let’s comfort eat, All the calories, I need a treat!

Stumble loudly through the house, Fuck it! S’not like you’re a mouse.
Parent’s hardly like’ to care, during the day you’re barely there.
Out with mates, round Kate’s? Why not!? She’s rich, the pool, it’s a date.

Off to uni, oh great, first year. Quick, drink more, we’re finally here!
These exams are easy, right? Ooh, last night’s dinner, I’ll have a bite.
Pass the first and scrape the next, With a headache you can hardly read the text.
All done? 2:1. Well done! You know, You’re screwed here comes the real-life show.

Shit job, shit pay, shit hours, shit life, Next thing HA! You’ll need a wife.
Kids, a mortgage, you’ve got ‘em all, but it’s not like the games you played in school.
The aim, it seems, to breed but why? I know I hardly had to try!
You’d think they’d teach us better when, We go make the same mistakes as them.
Boom and bust then boom then bust, repeated with near on frightful lust.
At the top, greed and selfishness and the bottom? Blissful ignorance!

Isn’t it odd we can’t stop and think, And all over a nice *casual* drink.
So when the dusty cogs in your head start turning, Come on, you can do it, actual learning!
The cliché stands, read between the lines, ‘Cause you don’t know what was in the authors mind.
Now what was it Charles Darwin said? Oops, too late, it would appear… you’re dead.

I want to go to sleep and never wake up.

For the guy from Ohio.

Mind is confusing.

Mind is confusing.

Don’t judge me.

Don’t judge me.